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Episode 17 - Reclaim Your Confidence with Leanna Bishop

August 22, 2022 Sarah Michaels Episode 17
Episode 17 - Reclaim Your Confidence with Leanna Bishop
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Elated You Podcast
Episode 17 - Reclaim Your Confidence with Leanna Bishop
Aug 22, 2022 Episode 17
Sarah Michaels

In today's episode, I'm thrilled to be joined by my beautiful friend, coach, and healer Leanna. 

We'll be diving into the topic of confidence and discussing Leanna's journey that led her to where she is today. 

Leanna is an amazing individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to building confidence and self-esteem. 

During our conversation, she'll be sharing her own personal story, the challenges she faced along the way, and the strategies she used to overcome them. 

I hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes Transcript

In today's episode, I'm thrilled to be joined by my beautiful friend, coach, and healer Leanna. 

We'll be diving into the topic of confidence and discussing Leanna's journey that led her to where she is today. 

Leanna is an amazing individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to building confidence and self-esteem. 

During our conversation, she'll be sharing her own personal story, the challenges she faced along the way, and the strategies she used to overcome them. 

I hope you enjoy!

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Sarah 0:00
Hello beautiful soul, I'm Sarah Michaels and welcome to the Elated you podcast, where we
dive deep into the world of self discovery, growth and healing to find out who you truly are
Sarah 0:25
So today I'd like to introduce a very beautiful friend of mine started off as a client. And now amazing friend Leanna Bishop. Leanna Bishop is a mentor and now breathwork coach doing amazing things in the world and has come from I want to say no confidence and being unwell, to this vibrant, big energy, powerhouse of a woman and that just lights up the room. And you know, you really have so Leanna is here with me on a zoom, so she's feeling very heartfelt by what I was saying, but it's the truth babe. So that's my introduction for you. 

Leanna 0:55
Oh God, thank you. And I'm, I'm sitting here hearing your words and for the first time in 43 years actually receiving them and not trying to push it away, so thank you. Yeah, I love you. 

Sarah: 1:10
And how big is that like to start with is that you know, how hard is it for us as women to receive and sometimes I struggle to, to receive the compliments like that. 

Leanna 1:32
We are not... I know you're gonna relate to this, but we're not actually taught as little girls to actually take compliments. We're told to stay humble, stay quiet, stay small. And so the minute you get any kind of like compliments thrown your way that makes you shiny that makes you bright. Like it's that response to just get rid of it because you're not safe. Like I haven't felt safe with receiving compliments ever. Until now, so thank you, 

Sarah 1:55
Because it's like you don't know if it's genuine and then you don't know if you're sounding egotistical, and it's a big thing for women, isn't it, and we understand now obviously because we've done the work that if somebody is triggered, you know by our bigness or by our you know, ability to love ourselves and show up in the way that we do that... that's on them. It has nothing to do with us. So I wanted you to share because your story is really beautiful because my husband sees you and goes oh, she's such a confident, strong woman and I'm like she wasn't always like that. And he was shocked. So I know your story and I'd love you to share that because people see you up in the world now. Showing up this way. You know, strong full of confidence, you know, on your Instagram, doing your amazing reels, but that wasn't you and how long ago would you say that that wasn't actually you?

Leanna 2:05
That wasn't me up until probably like the person who say on my Instagram account today has taken a long time to get there. So I'm 43 and I've only just stepped into my confidence probably in the last 12 months in this role. It's taken me that long to create the woman that I am now and that has been from going through so many fires, crawling over glass to put myself back together from hitting rock bottom in 2019. So my story I have grown up the oldest of four in a Italian Catholic culture. I live in a small country town and I have been the overweight child my entire life. I have not had any body confidence. I have not had any emotional confidence. I was always told that I was the emotional one. That was a cry baby that I was a sook, because I feel things really, really deeply. Any kind of emotional display was always met with disgust, with always really pushed away and as a result, I've always thought that there was something wrong with me. I've learned from a very young age to suppress everything. I've gone through a series of health battles. I've had horrendous endometriosis from the moment I started bleeding at 12 years old. And my mom to her credit, didn't know how to handle me, doesn't know how to hold space for any kind of emotional display any kind of anything that's uncomfortable at all or taboo would push me away. So I've suffered in silence for as long as I can remember and it really destroyed my confidence. I used to go to school with bloodstains all over my clothing because I would it was just and I'd get bullied I get teased. I've been teased since the moment I can remember about being fat, and then you add on that extra light bleeding issues school for me was horrendous.
Sarah 5:09
Sadly, women are going to be able to relate to this. I can tell you just from the clients that I know. So yeah, this is beautiful. It's really beautiful. It's very raw. 

Leanna 5:15
Thank you. It's taken me a long time to actually be able to speak and I'll talk to that in a minute, but yeah, so I a lot of the things that I was thinking feeling going through I never spoke to anybody about, I was shut them down, but my default and my safety mechanism was to pretend everything was okay. I'm saying like my Nonna and my mom do all their lives and then they actively say like, people have got it worse Leanna, people have got it worse Leanna, right? Like they literally go just get on with it. Like suck it up, swallow a cup of concrete and get on with that. And so I learned to wear a mask. From a very young age. I learned to just pretend and fake my way through life even though I was feeling like on the inside like I was unworthy unlovable broken. I got married at a very very young age at 22. 

Sarah: 6:15
Mmmm... that is young.
 Leanna 6:20
 I was 22 yeah, that's a baby. Absolutely baby, but that's what was done and you know, kind of what you did like it was find a man, get married settle down, have kids or That's it. That's your job brought up. Also for me too. I didn't have any confidence. So when my husband showed any interest in me, that was it. That was it. I was like okay, I mean, I dabbled around a little bit, but that was okay. This is it, this is where I have to go. I feel safe here. This man loves me. Let's make it work. We've had two kids I've got a 16 and a 14 year old a boy and a girl and I was a stay at home mum for the most part until my kids both went to primary school so I did the traditional woke thing. Mom stay home with the kids cook, clean, provide you know do all that stuff. And it wasn't until I went back to work that things started to change for me and started to evolve. And I wanted to prove that I was more than just a mum in my job and in my career. I threw myself into my corporate job to the point where I completely and utterly destroyed and burnt myself out and everything else just fell away. So in 2019 I had a full nervous breakdown. I was not in a very good place mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, the whole lot. My marriage was falling apart. Because I wasn't putting any effort into myself or to my partner or to my children. I was engrossed. I completely lost myself. I had no idea who I was. I've gone from being the stay at home mum here you know, how have jobs, had a bit of a career, but never anything concrete or solid that I was attracted to or that actually feeling like I was, you know, apart of the world until I got into this role. And I thought the corporate career was going to be for me, I thought by climbing the corporate ladder that was going to be my thing in the world. So I pushed really hard for that. 

Sarah 8:40 
Because that's what's recognized, you know, that's what's celebrated. And if I can go up that corporate ladder, yeah,

Leanna 9:00
I've always always always worked for narcissistic men. Interestingly enough, I've come from a background of very much a dictatorship in the man's world, right? Men kind of rule the roost and what they say goes, and everyone I've worked for, every single one through my whole life has been exactly the same. way. Yeah, wild isn't it? Hmm. That's the safety for us, like we know that it's okay. Yeah, we can deal with that. Except the last job that I had, with the pressure that I put on myself, and with my health starting to decline.Unaware that it was all of this emotional baggage that I was carrying that was causing all this stuff. I almost thought died. 
So that was the catalyst I guess for you to pack that bag. 

Leanna 9:31
That bag got unpacked when I turned 40 and I quit my job and I turned 40, there were 16 of us that went away to Thailand or there was four of us that turned 40 In the same year we went to Thailand luxury holiday no kids 10 days should have been the adventure of a lifetime was the absolute worst holiday of my life. My husband and I were barely talking to each other we didn't touch each other the whole time. Everybody thought I was fine because I really, I really, really masked it. I lost so much weight so I've gone from being really overweight my whole life to being like 50 kilos, really. Pretending everything was okay, coming back from that holiday. I made a decision on that aeroplane that I could no longer live my life this way. And I quit my job. The week that I got back and that started the ball rolling into this massive downward decline. I was very very depressed for a period of four months so dark in fact that I wanted to take my life at a few points.

 Sarah 10:51 
And who did you reach out to like, I know you changed your diet and stuff like that. But how did you know where to go?
Leanna 10:55
I didn't... I didn't. I just knew that I had to do I just had to do something. So the pivotal moment for me was when my daughter she was 11 at the time looked me dead in the eyes. I was on the couch comatose under a blanket this fine day. And she'd come and she said mum, and she just held my gaze and just stood there. And in that moment I saw her future in her eyes, if I didn't get off this fucking couch and do something about it. 

Sarah 11:05
Wow babe, that is so incredible. And I think that is a turning point and a pivotal moment for so many women that it took your child you know, like it takes sometimes that's what it does. It's like you especially when we have daughters that we don't want to be that example for our daughters and we want to show them the confidence because it's one thing to tell them you know, you've got to be confident you've got to be like this and you've got to be strong and you can do anything when we're like going downhill. It's monkey see monkey do and that for me as well was a big pivotal moment. Like, she can see that I'm not confident. So it's like I can tell her, but then they like but you're too scared to go on YouTube or you're too scared to do that. So that's when I just had to step in as well. So I didn't know that and that's amazing. I didn't know that part of your story. 

Leanna 11:45
That was the moment and I tell that I tell that piece over and over again because that was the only thing that got through to me four months of being like that in my house locked away from society. I didn't want to see anybody buying everyone was telling me things not stick until that moment and and it was just something locked in on me in her eyes. I'm like if I don't she I'm just gonna she's just gonna have the same thing. She's gonna go out and believe that she's not good enough that she's not worthy enough that she has to work for narcissistic men that she has to be in a relationship that feels like my relationship felt like at the time. Like I didn't want that for her. So I was like, Okay, what am I gonna do at that point I got on the internet and Googled a psychiatrist in my area. Hubby and I had been seeing a therapist for a little while before that, but we've been seeing one together and it wasn't working. So I needed to see somebody on my own and really start to seek out how I was feeling with somebody that I felt safe with. So I spent some time in therapy. I then looked for nutritionists, I looked for dietitians, I looked for naturopaths I did the whole lot I spent so much money rebuilding my health physically. Wow. It wasn't until I started doing the emotional stuff that my actual physical body started to improve that my mindset started to improve sure I got better quite quickly with the guidance and help of nutritionists and naturopaths, but I relapsed really bad. So the full nervous breakdown that I had took me a long time to get out of it. But then I had another relapse because I hadn't done any of the emotional stuff. I haven't dived into that work 

Sarah 14:31
Because it's like full mind, body and spirit and people go and see a psychologist or psychotherapist which is fantastic. But they keep you in the mind. And it's like if you want to connect the mind, body and spirit you've got to get into the body and embody that and breathwork and all of those things are gonna are going to do it and going to make it so. That's crazy. Right, isn't it and it's great. Listening to this because someone's gonna be like oh, wow, that's me. And there's hope because you don't you don't know. There's hope you don't. If you see a psychologist and they're the wrong psychologist, you don't go see a psychologist anymore. One or two. And they're like, Nah, I've done that and I'm done. They then try and psychiatrists and they just end up giving them medication. A lot of the time because I know this from personal experience. And that's just numbing everything that we're doing is just numbing. So, So then how did you get into the emotional stuff? You started doing the work you want to say like this work that we do?

Leanna 15:30
I started looking so I was working with a psychiatrist. That was cool. But it wasn't really working for me anymore. Like if it's got to be something else. Like I've just felt this pain. There's got to be more than what I'm doing right now. And I look for life coaches, and I started getting myself in programs. I started joining different courses, I started reading so many books. And it wasn't until I actually did work with a life coach that started to really unpack the emotional trauma of everything I had been through and everything I was feeling in the present moment. That I was able to start releasing a lot of this stored backlog in toxicity in my body and release that. Now Val will say that I found breath work with you through the life coach. I mean, why become a breathwork facilitated for myself? 

Sarah: 16:01
Yeah, watching you, watching you through my breathwork sessions and hearing you at the end of the sessions was like it was crazy. It was like this girl is like really doing the work because one thing I want to say with breathwork is that it's uncomfortable right and a lot of people don't push through that discomfort and the fact that you continuously, you know, pushed and linked, you know, against those edges and just kept on leaning in and pushing against that, you know, I mean, what can you say to people that are listening like every time you sat in the discomfort and you push a little bit more? What did that do for you?
Leanna 16:51
It showed me how to trust myself. And I have been a woman who has not trusted herself her entire life. Always asking for other people's opinions, always wanting other people what they think. Never ever, ever believing and trusting in my own voice in my own opinion in my own knowing. So breathwork for me is how I've developed this rock solid safety and trust in myself. I can do this like I can actually push past that uncomfortable, I mean, I'll be pushing past on carpet for three and a half years now. But it's in a way that I'm not gonna die. I had a real big fear and I'm still working through that of death that's come from programming and conditioning of my culture and everything right like I've had that all my life experiences and the things that I've gone through physically. I don't even touch the surface with you but like all of that has been around my fear are ultimately the core has been around my fear of death, 

Sarah 17:09
Like thats where anxiety actually comes from is the fear of death. Living in the past or living in the future? It's not Yeah, 

Leanna 17:22
But the fear also is like other people's opinions of me other people's judgments of me like I can never trust myself. So breathwork has been what has enabled me to trust myself and that's what I tell my clients now you want a way to trust yourself. I could sit here and tell you everything. You've got a feel that for yourself. Yeah, this is the only modality. I've done Reiki, I've done sound healing. I've done all of the stuff. It's great, yoga, don't get me wrong, 

Sarah 18:30
They're beautiful, they're beautiful, but you're not going to get that shift. Like you're gonna get in breath work.
Leanna 18:45
It doesn't touch the sides for me. I mean, this is why I've said to you over and over again. Like I needed to actually feel into my body because I've been so out of my body for life.

Sarah 18:55
So many people are and not just out of their bodies that they're in their head. And this is what they're not understanding  is that they're operating from the head up and they're not in their hearts and it's not just the breathwork component. It's the core healing component of what you know, we've learned what I've taught you in my course is the brain and heart coherence that is dropping into the heart. Being able to access memories, if you may because you're in your heart and you're not in your head. If I ask somebody right now, tell me a time when you were five. They're like, I can't remember. Or they're gonna bullshit me and I know when they're bullshitting, but you drop into your heart and you get them under the breath and all of a sudden they're like, yep, aha, and they come out they're like, actually never even remember that until I went under my breath and I'm like, that's incredible. 

Leanna 19:22
So a pivotal moment in one of your sessions that we've done together is the fact that I went back to a childhood memory of me in primary school on a stage at concert time. Now, I never remember I wasn't confident and I was a fat kid. So I was bullied. I could never fit into any of the costumes that I put on display for these concerts. So every time I had to perform or get on stage, my anxiety was through the roof. I felt sick. I didn't want to be there. I didn't want to be seen. I didn't want to be heard. I stand at the back with these things. That won't fit me and feel like shit. Now in one of those breathwork sessions, a memory and in my head now it came up plain as day came up of me in a leotard and the set of butterfly wings, the fattest butterfly the ugliest butterfly you'd ever seen. And people laughing at me, and at that moment, to be able to go into that memory and see myself now through my eyes of compassion and the work that I've done on myself and to be able to hold myself through those feelings, and then to be able to come away and understand. This is why I've never wanted to show up. Why my confidence has always been so, so low. This is why I need to heal this so that I can be the version of myself that stands on that stage that acts proud that can speak to an audience that deserves to be seen.  

Sarah 21:31
Well you are being seen. Now. Let's get into this amazing fucking trip that you went on with Angel Phoenix. And I was like frothing over every day. I felt like I was there. So Leanna went on these amazing trip. I want you to go into that because this was like full powerhouse women. And you just fit right in, because that's your energy. It's like big energy. Women. What was that? Like? I know it was a jam packed. It wasn't a holiday but it looks like it was as well. What was that like? And what was that it was a content creation. Do you want to just maybe go in depth? Did you ever dream that you'd be on a trip like that with you know, these kind of women because you said you were shy? And you were Yeah, talk about it 
Leanna 22:27
So my life for the past three and a half years has been a series of following the breadcrumbs, like literally just following the breadcrumbs to where they're going to take me and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be in Bali for seven days with the Angel Phoenix and a complete cohort of women that just inspire the absolute out fuck of me. Taken a lot of work for me to get to that point. Don't get me wrong, but it was incredible and there was a lot riding on this trip for me when I decided to say yes to her. It was definitely my full circle moment. A lot of stuff was going on. In the back end of that but I was the day that's the only way that I can say. I've come back from that trip reborn into this new energy into this new drive and desire that I actually I thought I had it before, but I was nowhere near it. This seven days away was everything I needed to shed the last pieces of who I was really step into who I want to be. And so much happened. 

Sarah 23:06
Was it was it intimidating, or were you like not I have found my people and these women because I know being in these spaces. We all want other women to win that old paradigm where you know, women are like jealous of other women. And I know that I must trigger a lot of women and a lot of women actually tell me but then as soon as they're in my space, they're like, oh, but you're just you're lovely and I realized now I was triggered because I want it to be like that and sad because if we will actually just came together and when I want us all to win because I genuinely want all women to, and I genuinely was also very jealous years ago. You know, and like you were I know these women that you're with and they are they're all women that are powerhouse women as well. And they they want other women to win. There's no... There's none of that envy, right.
Leanna 24:09
And for the first time in my life, I felt genuinely held and supported by big, powerful, influential women. And as someone who hasn't felt supported by women, I mean, what I just told you this for me was a way of fully feeling what that is like, like we spent a whole day basically around the pool sharing about who we are and our stories. So being vulnerable, their rudeness and vulnerability that came out of 14 women. Well, first of all, not one of us wanted to fix anybody, not one of us judged anybody. Everybody was just there holding each other love in awe, in support and nurture and just genuine tingles 

Sarah 24: 33
Because I know and I've been in those spaces and it's fucking so beautiful and I want that for every woman like if only people knew that that is what we're doing now. Like we're not judging, we're not going to hear what she said like fucking hell and not even telling someone else's story because they're not here so you don't even repeat that story because it's not your story to tell. You know, and just holding space again and not even trying to fix it like you said, which is another thing that women try to do. Right?
Leanna 25:29
This was that was so many people would have showed me because I've wanted that all my life. We all want that even our judging the are talking behind people's backs. They're the women that want this the most. They're the women that I want to come forward and go hey, you know what, I actually want to stop that behavior and start looking at how I can become more of what I want. Right? And for me, that is exactly what Bali was. It was my opportunity to become more of what I want. If I want to be able to be a woman who supports other women I have to be able to support and love and nurture myself first. And yes, we did so much work on this trip as far as content creation and how I want to really step up my business to become really influential in the space that I'm in. For the most part though, this was more about an internal shift within me. Because that's how I can only describe it, like really big. Finally coming into the possibility and opportunity of who I could become with this kind of caliber of women literally wanting to see me thrive. 

Sarah 26:07
And supporting you all the way. And it's just another level up and then from that you'll level up again. And you know, one thing I want people to take away from this as well is that people are like, Oh, maybe I don't need to do it. But everybody needs to do the work, right? Whether it's your time or not everybody needs to do this like this is a part of living a joyous, abundant, fucking fulfilling incredible life. And if you're not doing it just for you, like think about your family, your children, it's like we're breaking generational trauma, you know, by doing this work, and also the fact that you're saying now that this is going to help you to show up in your business more. This is what people don't understand. I just went to an event called Femcon, right. And we had like the CEO of Lord of the fries there, sorry, the founder of Lord of the fries, the franchise and so many other business women there that have got, you know, amazing businesses. And what was really interesting I was with my client now friend as well, next to me and she was like, Oh, my God, they're talking about doing the work to and it's like, yeah, because here's the thing, people really successful in business have got all these life coaches, but they don't talk about it. They're doing this you know, they're doing the work. She was speaking about the work about meditating about breathwork about inner child work. About all of the stuff that we're talking about. And if you looked at her, you wouldn't know, it's not it's not about being a hippie anymore. It's not about being a Buddha and meditating you know, on top of a hill you know, on your own. It's not about that anymore. If you want to thrive. If you want to find out how limitless you actually are. You got to do the work, because it's gonna help you in all areas of your life. And it's crazy, isn't it that people don't talk about it enough. People in business, it's like, there's a little bit of I don't know, like, are they embarrassed or are they worried that they're gonna be I'm not sure but more and more people are right. 

Leanna 27:10
Finally, but I feel like there's also this slight. I know, it's probably a bit of a kitschy word, but there is a massive spiritual bypass going on. In the hippie. Woo woo. Yes, yes. to woo woo world. I also fell into that trap. Do not get me wrong about going and doing some kumbaya sessions and thinking that that was healing and that was what was all I needed to do. When in reality that was just masking and just band aiding, to try to fit in again, to fit in with those men because that's what I thought I should be doing. Again, not listening to my own opinion, not listening to my own intuition, not having the right yeah, like within me to actually be myself and to trust myself. And I feel like that needs to be spoken about more. Like the fact that there are all of these different things and there is no shame in going and trying them. You have to try them because everyone's going to arrive at their own healing in their own time. So what will work for me in a time frame that work for me will not work for you. So you've got to be prepared to trial and fail and use that failure as a teaching and a lesson for the next thing and not give up. And I think when I told you about the story about Matilda, people need to have a emotive reason to keep going. You need to be able to find within yourself what your internal Why is every single time you do it and that courage muscle is when you start working that That's confidence. 

Sarah 28:15
It's just it is and that's expansion on the other side every time so it's like that is where you grow that's where your growth happens. So So I reckon slight but as you're saying like trust was safety find someone that you feel safe, someone that you think that's going to hold you, you know in whatever stuff is going to come up for you and not to be scared right like not to be scared because we are an example of what it's like after doing the work.

Leanna 28:55
Exactly, to that point too, I'm going to say the fear is always going to be there. Like I'm always scared going to Bali, like I spoke about all my stories I was terrified right but not letting that fear stop you from doing the thing that you know you want to do. Like it's it is scary

Sarah 29:22
And it's not an enemy, stop treating fear like it's your nemesis like you know what I'm saying? Like I think we need to go hold on. Fear is actually my friend every time I feel the fear. It means I've got to step in. Yes, because I still feel the fear to Yeah. 

Leanna 29:55
Every time I'm stepping up every single time and I invite that in now it's like okay, what about this is what's it telling me? What's it talking to me? What do I need? To get curious about right now? What thoughts do I need to question? What do I need to look at love forever? Everything I do now is a gigantic mirror sometimes it's a curse, because I'm like, oh my god god. I'm not having to question myself, but that's just what it's like to do this work. Once you're on this path, you won't go back.

Sarah 30:22
100% , but you can't go back. Because you get that pull, and that pull starts to get stronger. When people come to me they're like, Ah, I don't like my job anymore. Or I quit my job or I can't work there anymore, but I don't know what I want to do. I'm smiling and they're in tears. And I'm like, I'm just letting you know. I'm smiling. Because this is going to be your pivotal moment. And I'm happy for you. And they're like really, really I'm like, Yes. And then I tell my story, you know and that's something that psychologists don't do. Psychologists don't tell this story and you know, after studying with Dr. Gabor Mate, really all he did for me was confirm everything that I'm already doing, you know, the Compassionate inquiry and all that I was already doing that, but what he also said is 100% Tell your story. Tell your story. Be vulnerable, because that person will then connect more with you when you are open and honest. And I think that we have this, you know, professional, sort of, you know, inverted commas sort of hat that we put on when we like coming to see a client I don't that you don't do that. And I remember once when I was vulnerable, my client was shocked and then I probably stopped doing it for a while. But it's like no, most people are like, Oh, wow, she was really open and vulnerable. Now I've given them the permission to go. I'm going to share my vulnerability.
Leanna 31:12
Let's be honest, all we ever want in our life and all I've ever wanted is to be seen and heard and heard. So if you are able to share your vulnerability, my vulnerability is my superpower. It is what makes me a powerful woman. It is what makes me an incredible mentor and now breathwork facilitator hands down because I'm allowing people I'm allowing people to see me see my human so then it was reflected back into them and they get to see they're human. And they get to be felt like they are finally understood. That changes everything. 

Sarah 32:11
Oh, yeah. It's It's big. It's massive and I really appreciate you sharing your story and being vulnerable and being open because so many women are going to resonate with that. Everyone has had some sort of bullying when they were younger, or just didn't feel worthy. And unfortunately, they don't understand that that has, you know, held them back all their life. So when you know that you can work through that, you know, with coaches like yourself and myself. It can change everything. You don't have to continue life with that belief system of things that you were told, 

Leanna 33:01
We really don't but be kind in the process because it takes time. 

Sarah 33:10
Yeah, be patient too. 

Leanna 33:20
Yeah, practice and it takes patience and it takes a network of people around you that you can rely on to just hold you to me. 

Sarah 33:32
I was gonna say that to community because we both have had you know, different communities that we've been held by whether it was a sisterhood, whether it was you know, this incubator, it's beautiful. It's beautiful to be seen by other women that are in the work, as opposed to women that are spectating from out here going, what's she doing? Why is she doing that? Why she dancing around? You know, so

Leanna 33:55
It's a big level of self discipline for you to keep pushing through when you've got family I mean, yes, and friends that aren't with you and aren't on the same level and you've gotta gotta find a way down the podcast on its own. Let me tell you, it totally is when you feel alone. It really is. Because my entire the whole time I was going through all of my stuff, I felt completely alone. Oh, 100% and I was trying to Google that stuff and you can't find that stuff. And I was trying to find that stuff on Instagram, like, Is anyone else alone on this path? Because maybe I should just get off this path, but it's like no, you got to find your people, you know. And yeah, you can find them if you're not showing up. That's it.
 Unknown 34:48
 So I guess that's why I'm showing up now and that's why my my business and my brand influence and where I am is actually starting to really skyrocket now because I've continuously shown up for myself and then that enables me to show up for you. Oh, even like people that my clients and people that have followed me that have seen us do lives together or been in you know, our breathwork sessions and they hear you speak they go follow you because you are you're such a vibe. You're such a vibe and I'm so glad that we got this done. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I can't wait to share this with the rest of the world.
 Unknown 35:28
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